The first political public figure to release a mixtape, Kendrick "Swank" Cunningham is a dynamic Democrat focusing on upward mobility and system transformation. He has tirelessly worked to register youth and increase his generation's capacity to impact change while bridging the gap. Born and raised in West Charlotte, Swank wants to begin making the City of Charlotte a world class city by executing his Next Step Framework.

A Next Step Democrat, Swank has focused on upward mobility and system transformation since debuting his political career in March 2017 at the Raleigh Tax March.

Since then he led his board colleagues in 2018 at Saint Augustine's University through the effort to save the HBCU, led a youth coalition for equitable education and supported political measures to provide public funding to transform low-income communities. 


Headlining the 2019 Charlotte Unite Festival, OB Swank has performed in Club 360, Lituations Lounge, NODA Brewing Company, Red Clay Ciderworks, Charlotte Art League, and the University Burger IM while connecting CLT's entertainment scene to the political arena. You never know what you are going to get when Swank performs, check out the audio to his live performances here.

Swank's debut mixtape, Finding Peace in Dilemmas, garnered over 70k streams across all platforms. Swank dubbed the hit single, Losing Interest, as the Official Stand Against Partner Abuse Anthem. He has been featured on US News, WFAE, NBC News, 2HotRadio, Air It Out Radio, the G Radio, Sign the Artist, and Music Connection Magazine.

Swank understands that COVID-19 is dynamically impacting Charlotte. As a United Nations Youth SDG Ambassador, he knows that the UN anticipates Charlotte to be the fastest growing area in America through 2030. Since day one of the pandemic, Kendrick "Swank" Cunningham has worked on the front lines providing a solid vision forward to create an equitable, resource-based Charlotte.

Swank is currently fighting source of income discrimination alongside 29 other organizations to revolutionize housing for Charlotte residents and significantly increase the amount of residents who have instant access to housing. He envisions a day where all Charlotteans can affordably eat, work, and play where they sleep.



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