A genre-twisting, lyrically relatable mixtape, On My Mental is a Platinum Plus production. Moving past finding peace in his dilemma of finding a life partner, OB Swank begins to think about how he feels people fake support him in the political arena. Explaining why he behaves the way he does, Swank responds to his adversity emotionally and intellectually as it relates to his external reality. The message in OB Swank's sophomore mixtape is to never be afraid to be yourself.


While OB Swank deals with the trauma of political backstabbing while managing a school board campaign, he is also experiencing heartbreak from a recent breakup. Swank ultimately decides he wants to focus on himself, but finds it difficult to do so because so many people has been randomly catching his eye as he works to transform his community. This dynamic pop single, conveys how Swank just wants someone consistent that makes him feel like the world.