Describing how he felt during a heartbreak, OB Swank combines rhythm and blues with hip hop, to create a dynamic rainy night classic. Recorded in YNM Studio, he expresses to the person who broke his heart they they will never find nobody like him and even though he may be losing interest in staying in the situationship with them, that they should let him know when they move on, so he knows that the love of his life is happy without him.


OB Swank talks to his fans about his experience as Sophomore Class President in undergrad. Mainly reflecting on the people who did not like him being jealous of him because he pushes his own wave in politics, Dance for Me by Beyonce Knowles is sampled in the background while Swank alludes to references in his love life that suggests those who were jealous of him were also trying to ruin his love life. Realizing the more than the usual work Swank had to do to keep his partner's attention on him, he ends this nightmare of a situation by continuously asking himself, "How many tough heartbreaks does it take?"

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